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We strive to stay true to our vision, having in mind that our choices are the key for a change in the fashion industry and around us. We are part of a big movement, and it’s exciting to be there.  

Keeping our essence, ethos and values together is a challenge, however we work hard to achieve this goals and try to improve in our way.

Our project is focused on a conscious and ethical approach.
We draw inspiration from nature and so, we respect the environment in which all of us live together celebrating planet and its beauty. Over the years, we have been creating a beautiful community of conscious customers and we would love to share with you some of the initiatives and values we are committed to:

· Low environmental production cycle. We produce with sustainable and sincere practices using the latest technology in most sustainable ways: reducing water usage, plastic and no toxic waste.

· Avoiding strong and harmful processes and keeping the beautiful and natural appearance of the fabrics.

· We care about animals so our yarns are cruelty free certificated and obtained from mulesing free wool.

· Natural fabrics. Our clothes are made from natural fabrics and upcycled yarns.

· Atemporality. We don’t follow fashion trends, we made eternal pieces, timeless creations and styles with no expiration date. Our clothing is not seasonal, so you can buy it whenever you want to and wear them forever.

· We think that the right way to the fashion industry is buying smaller but smarter. Great qualities and loved clothes last longer.

· We produce in a limited and sustainable way, which means that we don’t have excess of stock and we avoid over-production.

This is how we conceive our brand at levels of ethical and environmental responsibility. We strive to stay true to our vision because our choices are the key for changing the fashion industry.

When you buy from Cordera you are buying a piece madre form organic, sustainable and recycled fabrics. Our collections are made from a deep research in order to find the finest materias such as eco-wools and alpacas, 100% organic cottons, natural raw linens, etc. We look for green certificates, yarns obtained from mulesing free and cruelty free.

It is of vital importance to us to look for fabrics and yarns that combine sustainability and supreme quality. And of course, it is very exciting when you find them.  

At Cordera’s we love working with raw materials and always avoid strong harmful processes keeping its beautiful and natural appearance. Our company works hand to hand with the best suppliers in order to create a traceable, transparent and sustainable productive chain.

Here you will also find a carefully curated section of vegan garments developed from the best and softest cottons: GOTS certificates, upcycled, organic and with BCI/green certificates. Beautifully crafted garments to wear all year-round and forever.

We appreciate and respect the environment and we are very grateful about the community we are creating around us.

We are happy to showing you, with transparency, how our clothes are made with care and so much love in Spain.

Cordera is in the front row of slow fashion, we develop and produce our collections with suppliers in the EU who share our mission to produce best-in-class textiles, and are also committed to an ethical production. With the will reduce our impact in the environment as much as possible, we have created a compact supply chain where many of our products are made in the same facility as where their fabrics are woven and dyed.

Our manufacturers have been chosen very carefully and having in mind their expertise, history and commitment to producing the highest quality product. Cordera works with family-owned, socially responsible suppliers and small business factories that are certified in sustainability to create made-to-order pieces avoiding overproduction.

Thank you for believing in sustainable and ethic choices, thank you for believing in us.