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As many of you know, at Cordera we strive to grow a sustainable and ethical universe around our business. We contribute to leaving a better world behind, that’s why we are here.

Year after year we try to improve our sustainable practices; We address the issue, we do research, we look around, we talk about it and we take action.

Drastic times means drastic actions:

This year we have decided to keep our online store closed for Black Friday. This is our way to protest for, what we think, is a bad practice that leads consumers to buy in a compulsive way.

Fashion industry is one of the responsible of this climate and ecologic emergency, so it is its impact on exploited workers and communities around the world. We are assisting to a greenwashing process on fast fashion brands that swear to be ethical and sustainable. We have to stop believe this. As consumers we must be informed, we must unmask this fake sustainability and fight for a real and urgent change.

We have been warned many times and now, time is running out.

Some years ago, we started to develop some initiatives against this movement based on unnecessary and wild consumerism. Since then, we have created a manifesto, we have interviewed the people working in our fabrics, we have became aware of the problem and decided that we want to be part of the solution.

It’s time to take action toward a sustainable fashion business.

This Black Friday, don’t buy - Strike!